Research profile and key words

  • Invertebrate communities in lakes and streams
  • Species-environment relations, multivariate numerical and statistical analyses
  • Subfossil insect communities, palaeoecology, Chironomidae
  • Quantitative reconstruction models, eutrophication, temperature, climate, subfossil midges (Chironomidae)
  • Limnology and quantitative palaeoecology of West Greenland lakes
  • Biomonitoring, long term monitoring

Short research summary 1995 - 2010


I have used multivariate numerical analysis in the study of biological species communities in marine and freshwater systems. My research activities have concentrated on (1) understanding how the physical and biological components of aquatic ecosystems (lakes, streams and spring-brooks) influence the distribution and diversity of the macroinvertebrate communities, and (2) how the lakes sedimentary records (palaeo-ecology) can be used to study natural long-term (millennia) and recent (decades to centuries) human-induced environmental change on local and regional scales. My work has primarily included the use of chironomid and Cladocera remains in lake sediments to quantitatively reconstruct environmental variables such as trophic conditions (lake-water chlorophyll concentrations, total phosphorus) in Denmark, and climate conditions (surface-water temperatures) in West Greenland. An important branch in the research was to extend the bridge between neo-limnology and palaeo-ecology by fine-tuning the reconstruction models to species-specific physiological optima (e.g. oxygen consumption, temperature preferences) measured directly under controlled laboratory experiments with living invertebrates. Stable Isotope analyses were likewise conducted at species level in order to create quantitative palaeo-reconstruction models for inference of long-term changes in lake functional- and trophic structures.


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